WAP Storage Sample – v0.1- Features

Made some good progress on the 0.1 version of storage sample. Except for some basic code clean up (which I am planning to take up along with v0.4), it is all good. You can browse / download the sample code from Git Project. Providing the screen captures, so that everyone can easily have an expectation on the feature set of v0.1.

If you have any questions on the code sample, need help with some specific scenarios, you can reach me through MSDN forum for WAP. I follow the forum almost daily.

If you would like to see what is coming next, check out this blog page.

Admin Experience





Tenant Experience






About Manesh

Manesh is a software consultant and solutions architect specializing in cloud, data, Linux and devops in the azure realm with key focus on hybrid workloads. He has been working on Azure technologies since its inception and has helped many enterprises to onboard and adapt to Azure cloud, build solutions for datacenter scale / high consumer applications and services. Currently, he is Microsoft certified for Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-532), Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions(70-533) and Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-534).

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  1. Hi Manesh,
    I am curious if what is the purpose of this resource provider you are developing. Is it just code sample or an actual service can be created with it?
    Thank you.

  2. This sample is published more as a code sample. You can start actual service development with this as a base.

    Are you looking for a full implementation of storage resource provider (With PS cmdlets for large file uploads etc.?)

  3. I think it will be a useful service. For example you can offer upload of images to tenants.

  4. Agree. We are looking at the design updates to support large file uploads. In the sample, we have file upload support (like 10KB image file). However to support VHD upload of 50GB, the API method implementation has to be completely different.

    Will chat with you offline.

  5. Ok. I am available at stas [at] outlook [dot] com

  6. I am not able to see the sample in the Tenant. It says failed to retrieve

  7. Not sure what could be the problem. Can you provide some more details? Did you get the latest sample from Git?

  8. I was able to install into the admin portal and associate it with a plan but when checking the subscription details for a user it says failed to retrieve the details. I couldnt really find a reason.

  9. I can look at this environment, if you want me to. Before that did you try to look at the specific error message? I have a blog on how to troubleshoot messages that are coming to UI or going between different components.

  10. No MediaTypeFormatter is available to read an object of type ‘ResourceProviderError’ from content with media type ‘text/html’.

  11. Eventvwr

    MgmtSvc-AdminAPI : Error:System.InvalidOperationException: No MediaTypeFormatter is available to read an object of type ‘ResourceProviderError’ from content with media type ‘text/html’.
    at System.Net.Http.HttpContentExtensions.ReadAsAsync[T](HttpContent content, Type type, IEnumerable`1 formatters, IFormatterLogger formatterLogger)
    at System.Net.Http.HttpContentExtensions.ReadAsAsync[T](HttpContent content, IEnumerable`1 formatters)
    at Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Server.Management.Core.RequestSenderExtensions.d__1f.MoveNext(), operationName: usagesummaries, version:, accept language:, subscription Id:, client request Id:d1bb5593-ae29-45e8-b6c9-7f2ed1b11af4-2014-12-15 04:17:30Z, principal Id:MSEHC\Administrator, page request Id:, server request id:22155606397a46c381fc9852eb645372.2014-12-15T04:17:30.2953810Z


    Rest client received unsucessful response message with status code ‘404’ and body ‘{“Code”:”ResourceProviderNotFound”,”Message”:”Resource provider is not found.”,”Details”:[]}’.

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