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Getting Started On Windows Azure Pack

To enable Cloud-OS on my own servers, I have been playing with Windows Azure Pack. The Windows Azure Pack is a collection of Microsoft Azure technologies available to Microsoft customers at no additional cost. The jump start series (Windows Azure Pack: Infrastructure as a Service Jump Start) from Microsoft Virtual Academy was a good refresh personally for me.

In addition to configuring the existing resource providers, I wanted to try out the custom resource providers. I have tried out the following available information.

After going through the code, I still have many questions in my mind on how to implement various scenarios in the custom resource provider. I am going to try out authoring a sample resource provider to enable basic storage functionality. I will update my learnings during the journey.

By the way, most of the information links around WAP can be found at WAPack Wiki, also you can follow all talks @ Twitter. Smile

All excited about Cloud OS

I have been learning and experimenting a lot around Cloud-OS technologies for the last one year or so. I will be using this space to share my thoughts and learning around this space.

At the highest level, the Cloud OS does what a traditional operating system does – manage applications and hardware – but at the scope and scale of cloud computing. The foundations of the Cloud OS are Windows Server and Windows Azure, complemented by the full breadth of our technology solutions, such as SQL Server, System Center and Visual Studio. Together, these technologies provide one consistent platform for infrastructure, apps and data that can span your datacenter, service provider datacenters, and the Microsoft public cloud. You can read more from an old blog post here.

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