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Add an existing VM to Windows Azure Pack Subscription

Typically, when we try to set the user role and owner to an existing virtual machine using PowerShell commands, we might get the following error.

Set-SCVirtualMachine: The specified owner is not a valid Active Directory Domain Services account.

Here are couple of blog posts explaining the theory and how to do it correctly.

This is a PowerShell script, you could directly use after fixing the variable names in the first section, as you need.

# Edit the following properties according to the environment
$vmmServerName = “”;
$tenantName = “”;
$tenantSubscription = “99a39f76-b938-4e75-b8e3-78a24f60add7”;
$vmName = “java-devops-03”;

# Connect to VMM Server
Get-SCVMMServer –ComputerName $vmmServerName – ForOnBehalfOf;

# Tenant user is expected to sign up in WAP Portal and added to a plan with VM Resources
# This will ensure that user role is created in SC, with required quota limits

$roleName = $tenantName + “_” + $tenantSubscription;
$role = Get-SCUserRole –Name $roleName;
Get-SCVirtualMachine –Name $vmName | Set-SCVirtualMachine –UserRole $role;
Get-SCVirtualMachine –Name $vmName | Set-SCVirtualMachine –Owner $tenantName –OnBehalfOfUserRole $role –OnBehalfOfUser $role;

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