Windows Azure Pack Storage Sample

I was looking at various resource provider implementation (Hello World and other content script files with in the deployment) to understand various approaches, in addition to the resources available on MSDN. Now, I am in a good state to start the development of storage sample for Windows Azure Pack. I am thinking of following as the various features for the sample.

  • 0.1 – Basic sample with minimal capabilities (with in-memory data provider)
    • Admin should be able to create storage locations and map it to physical network location
    • Tenant should be able to create containers with in specific locations
    • Tenant should be able to delete container
  • 0.2 – Tenant should be able to upload files to container
    • Note: No plans to support folders with in a container
  • 0.3 – WAP Drive
    • A stand alone web application to interact directly with Tenant API and demonstrate a photo album
  • 0.4 – Stabilize
    • Clean up code, comments added as required.
    • Refactor API library with clean web-api implementation
  • 0.5 – Implement usage
  • 0.6 – Implement quota
  • 0.7 – Implement database data provider with updates to setup
  • 0.8 – Implement custom PowerShell commands to enable tenant operations

Mostly I plan to get one minor version made available every week with v0.1 to be made available around 8/17/2014.

About Manesh

Manesh is a software consultant and solutions architect specializing in cloud, data, Linux and devops in the azure realm with key focus on hybrid workloads. He has been working on Azure technologies since its inception and has helped many enterprises to onboard and adapt to Azure cloud, build solutions for datacenter scale / high consumer applications and services. Currently, he is Microsoft certified for Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-532), Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions(70-533) and Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-534).

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