WAP Storage Sample – v0.2 – Enable tenant to upload files

Updated Git Project with changes for version 0.2. In this version following features are enabled.

  • Tenants can upload files to the containers they create
    • Only small file uploads are supported (content is uploaded in a single API call).
  • Demonstrates navigation into tab items
  • Demonstrates upload of file using file upload control

If you have any questions on the code sample, need help with some specific scenarios, you can reach me through MSDN forum for WAP. I follow the forum almost daily.

Here is the experience for Tenant for this update.





About Manesh

Manesh is a software consultant and solutions architect specializing in cloud, data, Linux and devops in the azure realm with key focus on hybrid workloads. He has been working on Azure technologies since its inception and has helped many enterprises to onboard and adapt to Azure cloud, build solutions for datacenter scale / high consumer applications and services. Currently, he is Microsoft certified for Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-532), Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions(70-533) and Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-534).

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  1. Your v0.2 does not seem to be updated on Github…

  2. I updated the code couple of weeks back actually. Here is the commit trace from Git. https://github.com/terawe/WindowsAzurePack/commit/25248134dca30448fd070cd16b9e90194ae461bb

    Did you try to use it? Let me know if you find any issues in getting in up and running. I will be happy to assist you. This update only support small file uploads and from UI.

  3. Can you tell me what kind of storage cloud is running behind it i dont understand the admin connection url for the file store?

  4. This is for a file system based storage. Do you have any specific requirement / storage that you need to adapt to?

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